Kensaku KAKIMOTO 柿本ケンサク

On Demand: Parasite In Love

Nippon Cinema   ª 

Kengo is trying to live with his mysophobia when he meets Hijiri, who suffers from scopophobia. An unlikely romance ensues, but soon they are unsure whether they’re falling in love with each other or whether a parasite is controlling their feelings. Director Kensaku KAKIMOTO delivers a visually striking and truly original take on the classic romance.


Mon., May 30, 2022

Mon., June 06, 2022

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Original with English subtitles

FSK 12

Territories: Germany

Nippon Connection On Demand

Koi suru kiseichu

Japan 2021

100 minutes


Yukiko YAMAMURO based on a novel by Sugaru MIAKI

Kateb Habib

Katsuya YAMADA

About Kensaku KAKIMOTO

Kensaku KAKIMOTO, born in Kagawa Prefecture in 1982, is a filmmaker and photographer. In 2007, his feature film debut BAUMKUCHEN had its international premiere at the Nippon Connection Film Festival. After the triple disaster of March 2011, he made the documentary film LIGHT UP NIPPON (2012), to which Ryuichi SAKAMOTO contributed the soundtrack. His photographs have been shown regularly at international exhibitions since 2016, and he has received multiple awards for his work in the field of advertising.