Hayao MIYAZAKI 宮崎駿

Kids Film: Mein Nachbar Totoro

Nippon Kids   ¹ 

Satsuki and Mei move to the countryside with their father. Not only do they meet a local boy, they also discover the friendly forest spirit Totoro and a strange Cat Bus. These magical beings help the girls adjust to ehri new surroundings. This adorable, animation classic is fun for the whole family!

Thu., May 26, 2022, 16:00

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Mal Seh'n Kino

German dubbed version


Animation Children Family

Tonari no Totoro

Japan 1988

86 minutes

About Hayao MIYAZAKI

Hayao Miyazaki, born in Tokyo in 1941, is known as Japan’s most famous and popular anime director. Starting in 1963, he worked for Toei Animation on series like HEIDI (1974). FUTURE BOY CONAN (1978 / NC ’23) was his anime series directorial debut, followed by his feature film debut THE CASTLE OF CAGLIOSTRO a year later. In 1985, he founded Studio Ghibli together with fellow director Isao TAKAHATA and created anime hits such as MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (1988 / NC ’22) and PRINCESS MONONOKE (1997). The latter was the most successful Japanese film of all time before being overtaken by SPIRITED AWAY (2001 / NC ’03), which went on to win the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.