Satoshi KON 今敏

Millennium Actress

Nippon Animation   ³ 

Satoshi KON (1963–2010) masterfully merges fiction, memory, present and past in his second animated film, centered around actress Chiyoko. At the festival, we will show the 4K restoration of this classic. The NIPPON DOCS section also features the documentary SATOSHI KON, THE ILLUSIONIST by Pascal-Alex Vincent.

Daniel OTTO

Thu., May 26, 2022, 15:30

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Eldorado Arthouse Cinema


Original with German subtitles


Animation Drama Historical

Sennen joyu

Japan 2021

87 minutes

About Satoshi KON

Satoshi KON (1963 - 2010) studied at Musashino College of Fine Arts and first debuted as a comic book artist, but quickly found his way into the animation film industry, where he first came to attention as a screenwriter and background artist for the episode MAGNETIC ROSE in MEMORIES.

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