The year is 202X. Japan is in deep stagnation. In an attempt to overturn the situation, Prime Minister WASHIDA launches project Utopi-AI, an experimental endeavor utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to select leaders to govern a demoralized city. The AI’s choice for the city’s leader is Aran MAKI, a high school boy of 17 with dreams for a utopian society. Its choices for other governing members are also in their early 20s. With this young team, Aran utilizes AI to direct reforms and turn a dispirited city into an idealistic Utopi-AI. Original screenplay by Reiko YOSHIDA, writer of many hit animated features.

Aran MAKI, the teenage prime minister with a personal agenda: Fuju KAMIO
17 years old, he is the AI-chosen "prime minister" with a hidden agenda. Reticent and smart, he keeps cool in any situation, yet passionately stands against the adults who argue for their own interests. Playing this enigmatic character is Fuju KAMIO, with several leading roles under his belt and now starring in an NHK drama for the first time.

Sachi SAGAWA, whose love for Aran is pivotal to the story: Anna YAMADA
A highschool girl who idolized Aran and diligently supports his governing of Utopi-AI as an aide. The issues faced by her family represent the chronic problems of contemporary society, such as the fruitless workstyles of her parents' generation, the incessant nursing care for the elderly, school truancy, and school bullying.

Kiyoshi TAIRA, a key figure in the experiment with a hidden intent: Gen HOSHINO
As Utopi-AI's project manager, Kiyoshi TAIRA supports Aran's personal development in a fraternal way, while carrying the hopes of the Prime Minister as his eventual successor. The role is played by Gen HOSHINO, whose accomplishments as an actor, musician and writer are well-proven.

Story by: Reiko YOSHIDA
Executive Producer: Kei KURUBE
Producer: Ayumi SANO
Director: Takegoro NISHIMURA, Tomohiro KUWANO

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