Hajime TSUDA 津田肇


Nippon Visions   ½ 

Koharu and Ayano work in the fashion and design industry and share a flat in Tokyo. After one of their many nights of partying, Ayano has a one-night stand. She gets pregnant and decides to keep the child, but doesn’t tell the father. In his first feature-length film, director Hajime TSUDA combines a sensitive drama with stylish video clip aesthetics.


Tue., June 01, 2021

Sun., June 06, 2021

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German premiere

Original with English subtitles

Territories: Germany

Drama Family Matters

About Hajime TSUDA

Hajime TSUDA was born in 1985 and spent his childhood in Hong Kong and Singapore. While studying at Keio University, he worked on event and video productions. In 2015, he founded his own company, Chameleons, with which he shoots promotional videos for various fashion companies. His first short film, PAINT THE SKY (2005), won the Grand Prix at the Tokyo Student Film Festival. DAUGHTERS (2020 / NC ’21) is his feature film debut.