Alteration Finds

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A Selection Of Japanese Animated Shorts

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced long periods of monotony upon us. These indie animated shorts, selected by Dr. Catherine Munroe Hotes, challenge us to break free from lockdown apathy and look at the world from a new perspective.

Tue., June 01 2021,

Sun., June 06 2021,

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Territories: Germany

Animation Short

English TitleJapaneseDirectorsCountriesYearLanguageDurationPremiere
CastleRyotaro MIYAJIMAJapan2019no dialog5 Min.
Leaking LifeShunsaku HAYASHIJapan2019no dialog15 Min.
Difference And Repetition And CoffeeMasa KUDOJapan2020no dialog5 Min.German premiere
The Balloon CatcherIsaku KANEKOJapan2020no dialog6 Min.German premiere
LocomotorIsaku KANEKOJapan2019no dialog3 Min.
MubiTomoe OBAYASHIJapan2019Original with English subtitles6 Min.
The Living WallKeita KUROSAKAJapan2020no dialog6 Min.International premiere
parallaxHayato NoveJapan2021no dialog33 Min.World premiere