Takashi ISHII

Gonin Saga

Gonin サーガ

Nippon Cinema   ª 

GONIN is one of the major classics of 1990s Japanese gangster cinema. In this modern sequel, journalists attempt to clarify the messy fall­out from the original movie, and two sons of the original GONIN protagonists become entangled in a violent and psychotic nightmare. Tense, melodramatic, funny, and above all, hard- boiled, GONIN SAGA is one of the freshest films you’ll see this year.

Wed., May 25, 2016, 22:30

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Mousonturm Saal

German premiere

Original with English subtitles

Gonin サーガ

Japan 2016

132 minutes

About Takashi ISHII

Takashi ISHII, born in Sendai in 1946, first began his career as a manga artist. In 1988, ISHII made his debut film ANGEL GUTS: RED DIZZINESS, based on his manga series of the same name. Numerous pink films followed until his 1995 gangster film GONIN, starring Takeshi KITANO, finally brought him to international prominence. Still, only a few works from his oeuvre of over 30 films are known outside Japan.