Tomorowo TAGUCHI


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Jun, a first-year student at an all-boys Buddhist high school takes his teenage-life easy. He is a big fan of Bob Dylan, writes his own songs and all he´s got in mind for the summer is “free sex”. Together with some friends he travels to the island of “free love” where his dreams come true. This humorous semiautobiographical coming-of-age story from Jun MIURA is Tomorowo TAGUCHI´s second work as a director.

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Shikisoku zenereishon

日本 2008

114 分

Tomorowo TAGUCHI

Kosuke MUKAI Jun MIURAの小説を基に

Yoshihide OTOMO

About Tomorowo TAGUCHI

Tomorowo TAGUCHI, born in Tokyo in 1957, began his career as an illustrator and musician. Today he is one of the most sought-after actors in Japan (TETSUO, THE EEL, GOHATTO, among others). In 2003, he delivered his directorial debut with IDEN & TITY.