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After meeting Machiko, the eccentric young farmer Yojin is hit by love at first sight. Henceforth, Yojin visits her every day to confess his everlasting love for her. That’s quite too much for Machiko, who is still traumatized by the accidental death of her friend. But Yojin’s ingenuous’ attitude towards Machiko causes one outlandish miracle after another…

Urutora mirakuru rabu sutori

日本 2009

120 分

About Satoko YOKOHAMA

Satoko YOKOHAMA was born in Aomori in 1978 and graduated from the Film School of Tokyo in 2004. She gathered much attention for her debut feature film GERMAN + RAIN (2007). Her follow­up BARE ESSENCE OF LIFE (2009) was also well received and selected for many international film festivals.