Junichi INOUE 井上淳一


Nippon Visions   ½ 

A prostitute, an author and a returning soldier face the immanent despair and nihilism in their war-struck nation. For them, sex has become meaningless and at the same time the only way to feel anything at all. In his first feature film, INOUE explicitly and pitilessly pursues the roles of victims and perpetrators and the question of guilt in Japan

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日本 2012

98 分

About Junichi INOUE

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1965, Junichi INOUE studied at Waseda University while working as an assistant director under Koji WAKAMATSU. Following his success as a screenwriter, he directed the feature-length film A WOMAN AND WAR (2012 / NC ’14) as well as numerous documentaries. He wrote further screenplays, including DARE TO STOP US (2016 / NC ’19), directed by Kazuya SHIRAISHI, and SEPTEMBER 1923 (2023 / NC ’24), directed by Tatsuya MORI.