Shinji ARAKI 荒木伸二


Nippon Cinema   ª 

After his girlfriend is murdered, Jun takes his revenge and successfully kills the perpetrator. But on the following day he finds himself caught in a time loop, having to repeat his act of retribution day after day. With an original take on a popular plot device, Shinji ARAKI has created a violent, gripping and psychologically refined thriller about pain and trauma.

Penaruti rupu

日本 2024

99 分

About Shinji ARAKI

Shinji ARAKI, born in Tokyo in 1970, graduated from the University of Tokyo, where he majored in Interdisciplinary Cultural Studies. His thesis focused on the work of filmmaker Jacques RIVETTE. He has directed several TV commercials and music videos in addition to his work as a creative director and TV commercial planner. PENALTY LOOP (2024 / NC ’24), for which he also wrote the screenplay, is his second feature film after his internationally recognized feature-length directorial debut, THE TOWN OF HEADCOUNTS (2020 / NC ’21).