Joe ODAGIRI オダギリジョー


Nippon Cinema   ª 

A lonely ferryman spends his days transporting his patrons across a river. In the process, he not only gets to know numerous people and their fates, but also learns that a bridge is to be built nearby, which would deprive his job of any meaning. His life begins to change when he saves a mysterious young woman from drowning.

Aru sendo no hanashi

日本 2019

137 分


Born in Okayama in 1976, Joe ODAGIRI is one of the most popular Japanese actors of his generation. After studying acting at California State University, he had his first leading role from the year 2000 on in the series KAMEN RIDER KUUGA. He then worked with numerous renowned filmmakers, such as Miwa NISHIKAWA, Shinji AOYAMA, Ye LOU or Hirokazu KOREEDA. His first short film LOOKING FOR THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS (2009) was shown at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. THEY SAY NOTHING STAYS THE SAME (2019 / NC ’22) is his feature-length directorial debut.