Tatsuya YAMAMOTO 山本起也


Nippon Visions   ½ 

By pretending to be her grandson, a young man tries to rid a lonely old woman of her money. Taken by surprise by the old woman’s warm reception, he decides to stay – and finds something like a home for the first time. Set in the atmospheric port city of Amakusa, Tatsuya YAMAMOTO’s film unfolds a heartwarming drama about an unusual surrogate family.

Nosari no shima

日本 2020

129 分

About Tatsuya YAMAMOTO

Tatsuya YAMAMOTO, born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1966, began his career as a director of commercials. Later he shot and produced documentaries. For HER DEAR OLD HOUSE (2006), he was awarded best director at the Punto de Vista Film Festival. In 2012, he completed his feature film debut KAMIHATE STORE, which was presented at numerous international film festivals. NOSARI: IMPERMANENT ETERNITY (2020 / NC ’21) received a NETPAC jury Special Mention at the 2020 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.