Keiichi HARA 原恵一


Nippon Kids   ¹ 

On a trip, Koichi finds a stone that is really something. A Japanese mythical creature has been hidden under it for over 200 years: a young Kappa! When the Kappa awakens, he gets along with Koichi right away, and the boy can even convince his parents to take the new friend in. Soon, Coo is practically part of the family. But Tokyo is not the right place for a nature-loving creature like him – the big city really gets him in the mood. When the public becomes aware of the small, green being from the past, the life of the family gets out of hand!

Kappa no ku to natsuyasumi

日本 2007

138 分


原恵一 Masao KOGUREの小説を基に


About Keiichi HARA

Keiichi HARA, born in Gunma Prefecture in 1959, studied at Tokyo Designer Gakuin College and beginning in 1982 worked for Shin-Ei Animation on animated films and TV series like DORAEMON and CRAYON SHIN-CHAN. 1988 saw the release of his cinema debut ESPER MAMI, THE STARRY SKY DANCING DOLL. He gained international attention in 2007 with SUMMER DAYS WITH COO (NC ’20). Nippon Connection also presented his subsequent award-winning animated films COLORFUL (2010 / NC ’11), MISS HOKUSAI (2015 / NC ’16 and NC ’20), and LONELY CASTLE IN THE MIRROR (2022 / NC ’23).