Films shown at Nippon Connection

The End Of The Pale Hour, Japan 2021 (Cinematography) NC22
Small, Slow But Steady, Japan, France 2022 (Cinematography) NC22
The Sunday Runoff, Japan 2021 (Cinematography) NC22
What She Likes..., Japan 2021 (Cinematography) NC22
Any Crybabies Around?, Japan 2020 (Cinematography) NC22
Mori, The Artist's Habitat, Japan 2018 (Cinematography) NC18
Pumpkin And Mayonnaise, Japan 2017 (Cinematography) NC18
Being Good, Japan 2015 (Cinematography) NC16
The Woodsman And The Rain, Japan 2011 (Cinematography) NC12
The Pavillion Salamandre, Japan 2006 (Cinematography) NC07